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What is Celebshare?

What if through Celebshare, we can offer innovative solutions for more effective influencer marketing?

Combining our specialized knowledge in tech and the power of influencer marketing, we verily believe we can help SMEs

Celebshare strive to promote a healthy marketplace of ethical influencers. We aim to provide value to all parties involved.

STAR Journey


For affiliate
  • FREE Registration
  • Opportunity to get Product Review Kit
  • Gain sub-domain for personal branding


For growing STAR


  • Gain affiliate activation
  • Upgrade from sub-domain to domain for personal branding
  • Opportunity to get invited to events


For experts


  • Rewards & Recognition worth RM5000

Why influencers choose

Masters Class

We will provide classes for you to learn content creation and how to be THE star. Cool right?

Rewards & Recognition

Up to RM5000 rewards value a month. Limo? Spa session? Fancy dinner? All on US!

Support Group

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.”

High Commision Rate

Earn more income with our monthly sales campaign. You’ll get up to 20% without capped!

Don’t take our word for it.
Let's hear from others.
Don’t take our word for it.
Let's hear from others.


"It was a fun journey, I've learned a lot, especially about Affiliate Marketing ✨ My core memory, will forever ingat how I managed to get 50+k sales individually, dapat cash rewards, perfumes 😂 Wishing this platform will continue working till forever, cause there's so much potential. I'll be here to support forever 💗 "


"I rememberrr I got to join Celebshare when that time I cam rasa useless dah after berhenti kerja tapi thanks to Celebshare and I sumpah suka hasut orang. 😭 Everything went well!! Promote sana sini, even sibuk pun still promote non stop 😭 I know you guys can grow bigger and choose local yang can grow!! "


"I LOVE ITTT! Celebshare is always a good platform ❤️ My core memory was the event !!! Best dapat jumpa semuaaaa I wish Celebshare will grow to be #1 Affiliate Platform for local creators & SME"


"It’s honestly a great experience for me because I can earn some side income just by sitting at home, I don't have to do the work physically & for someone that’s lazy, it's a bonus for me😂. I also get to share useful things I bought there with others. A core memory that I truly love was the gathering session Celebshare did. It was truly an amazing experience meeting new people, exchanging ideas & stuff. It got me more motivated to do more content. I hope Celebshare continues to inspire & help small creators like me to grow. Being given the opportunity to join you guys is amazing. Thank you for existing & giving a platform for small creators to find some income & becoming a part of motivation to survive in the hard world. "

Nysa Kim

"I love being part of this journey, sbb I memang pembeli setia Celebshare! I dapat income also. My best experience with Celebshare is DAPAT PR! I'm always looking forward in Celebshare sebab help micro account like me to do sharing "


"Alhamdulillah my journey so far is good. I remember that Celebshare is a one stop centre for all high quality local brands. Loveeeee For Celebshare, I wish you to be a well known website like Shopee/Lazada one day. And more and more local brands can participate and grow together! "


"The management always up-to-date about new products, sales, new information My best core memory about Celebshare was my first payout even though only sold 3 products that time I really hope Celebshare to sustain and grow more. I KNOW U CAN DO IT! "


"I started as a customer then as celebSTAR. Thank you Celebshare for this opportunity 🥹 Wish Celebshare all the best in this industry. Thank you for providing space for people like us untuk earn extras income from affiliate program 🫶🏻 "
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